Monday, 30 April 2012

Used Car Checkup Before Buying

Check Completely

Never buy a car in a hurry, especially on a rainy day. The reason behind is when the car is wet, It looks fantastic. And buying anything in a hurry will lead to overlooked purchase.

Get the papers checked

Finally and importantly check the paper work of all kind with respect to the countries need. Especially check the bank endorsements on loan cancellation. While buying second hand cars in chennai , always check for the RC Book, Loan Cancellation from the banks, and get the forms signed for transferring the ownership. Cancel the insurance on the seller immediately purchased and apply for a new one under your name.

Identifying the Dents

Look at various angles to find strong scratches and dents. A better way to look for car dents are your sight should be deviating from the line of light source. If your sight and line of light source are same then you will not see the dents. For e.g if the light source is north east side. You should stand south east-(or near South) side to check for dents.

Check for overspray

Always inspect window rubbers. If a car is paint touched up. You can see the traces of sprayed paints on the rubbers. The Gaps between the bonnet and wings show that the car might meet an accident. As a result one of these are replaced and hence the gap misalignment.

Check for filler on body

A good way to find any tingeing paste or filler has been applied to body work is by using a fridge door magnet along the body lines. If the magnet sticks poorly or fallen of it a great sign that that portion has been touched for dents.

Check for tampered ODO

A better way to identify the vintage of the car is by looking at the car interiors. I know car interiors are easy to change. However you can always notice an older part like accelerator pedal which is hard to replace. And people won’t do it just for the sake of selling the car. If you found any which does not align with ODO, It is a clear sign that the ODO is tampered or the car interiors are not maintained properly but replaced to make a sale. Either way it is not a good decision to buy that car.

Identify Oil Leak

Ask to move the car few steps away. And look for any traces of oil or water where it was parked earlier. If you find oil leaks, you may need to spend your time in workshops and fork out some cash for analyzing the leak and fixing it. It may be simpler or harder based on the mechanic.

Ensure Uneven Tire Wear

You should lookout for uneven tire wear. If there is any, then the chassis might be bent, twisted due to an accident. In most of the cases it could be due to improper wheel alignment. But if it is a chassis bent or twist, It is not possible to rectify clearly.

Analyze the rattles

Drive the car without switching on Music System, AC. And listen to the knocks and sounds around the car engine and body. Some of the rattles are hard if not impossible to fix. Especially the dashboard rattles are the one hardest.
Try to drive the car in all gears. The best way to check is a three point turn. If you get any knocks, sound, screech on full steer, then steering assembly has some issues.

Inspect oil for impurities

Check the engine Oil, Clutch oil, and the other consumables with a mechanic. Normally if any of the parts are damaged you can find the particles in the oil. So inspecting the oil will give a bad signs if there is any.